Mediated Interpersonal Communication

Flavia TOPAN

Keywords:  new media, social media, interpersonal communication, online communities, virtual identity, avatars, network society


This article is set out to draw a theoretical framework regarding mediated interpersonal communication. The new patterns in communication have transformed modern society, in a network like fabric. The emergence of social media has caused some significant changes in the way people interact and the reasons why they communicate. The changes reflect on the way they see themselves and construct their identities. Social media is also used to become part of an online (multicultural) community, formed by individuals all over the world. There are, of course, some unwelcomed side effects to this new media frenzy. However, the possibilities offered by the usage of the Internet are practically endless. The scale of the phenomenon is precisely the reason behind this paper and it fully justifies it. The Internet and social media have become parts of our lives – from individuals to companies - and it would be reckless to underestimate its power.