Wie geht man mit Kultur in der Werbung um? Das Niveau der Anpassung einer ausländischen Werbung an die deutschen kulturellen Anforderungen unter der Verwendung der Kulturdimensionen von Geert Hofstede

Veronica CÂMPIAN

Keywords:  cultural dimensions, Geert Hofstede, intercultural communication, advertising, globalization


The article entitled How is Culture Managed in Advertising? The Adaptation Level of Foreign Advertising to German Cultural Demands using Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions focuses on identifying to which extent foreign advertising campaigns take into account the cultural features and values of the target county in which the product is going to be promoted. In this respect, we have chosen a Toyota Yaris advertising poster made for German clients and have analyzed it according to the cultural dimensions developed by Geert Hofstede. The results suggest that globalization has also reached the advertising field and therefore the cultural tie no longer bears great significance. Noteworthy is also the fact that consumers’ needs and desires are quite standardized nowadays