Articles from 2(16)/2012

Wie geht man mit Kultur in der Werbung um? Das Niveau der Anpassung einer ausländischen Werbung an die deutschen kulturellen Anforderungen unter der Verwendung der Kulturdimensionen von Geert Hofstede

Veronica CÂMPIAN

Keywords: cultural dimensions, Geert Hofstede, intercultural communication, advertising, globalization

Abstract: The article entitled How is Culture Managed in Advertising? The Adaptation Level of Foreign Advertising to German Cultural Demands using Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions focuses on identifying to which extent foreign advertising campaigns take into account the cultural features and values of... Read More

Outsourcing PR services and outlining a profile of PR practitioners: companies and PR agencies in Cluj-Napoca

Paul-Alexandru FĂRCAŞ

Keywords: public relations, PR practitioner, PR agency, the outsourcing process, outsourcing PR

Abstract: In order to meet specific public relations activities, companies can choose between three options: create their own structure of public relations, collaborating with an external service provider or preparing a PR executive. In this context, the research aims to analyze the feasibility of the... Read More

Synthesis. The Management of Public Relations within Central Public Institutions


Keywords: public relations, communication, strategy, management, crisis, organizational culture

Abstract: The article presents a very brief description of what public relations in general and what making public relations in a state institution means. We all agree that besides regulations, beliefs and personal or social values, public institutions are determining for our lives. Unfortunately domestic... Read More

Synthesis. Communication and Conflict. Communication Management in the Alternative Dispute Resolution


Keywords: ADR, agreement, alternative dispute resolution, conflict, communication, ethics, legislation, manipulation, mediation, mediator, miscommunication, techniques

Abstract: The premises of this project are that approximately 90% of the conflicts in the modern society and not only, are based on poor communication. Any type of miscommunication (due to cultural, linguistic, politic or religious differences) can and will generate conflicts of various intensities... Read More

Einblick in die Medienlandschaft des Kommunistischen Rumänien


Keywords: communism, media, press, censorship, constraints

Abstract: This article is a brief presentation of the main features of the media during the Communist period in Romania. Its aim is also to show the censorship methods and institutions and the way they were functioning. Many important writers had been forbidden to publish their works in those times. The... Read More

Mediated Interpersonal Communication

Flavia TOPAN

Keywords: new media, social media, interpersonal communication, online communities, virtual identity, avatars, network society

Abstract: This article is set out to draw a theoretical framework regarding mediated interpersonal communication. The new patterns in communication have transformed modern society, in a network like fabric. The emergence of social media has caused some significant changes in the way people interact and the... Read More

Political discourses, practical arguments and the global economic crisis

Hanna Orsolya VINCZE

Keywords: political discourse analysis, practical arguments, crisis discourses

Abstract: In their Political Discourse Analysis. A Method for Advanced Students (London, New York: Routledge, 2012), Isabela and Norman Fairclough propose a method of discourse analysis grounded in the practice of argument reconstruction and... Read More