Article Publication Condition

All articles submitted for publication will enter a peer-review process. The authors must submit an electronic manuscript of the paper to the following e-mail address:
By sending the material it is understood that it contains original information that has never been published before and that the material has not been submitted for publication anywhere else in the same time.
The publishing language of the journal is English or any other international language (French, German, Italian, Spanish etc.), in which case diacritics must be used.
The starting page must contain the following: full title of the paper, name and affiliation of all authors, their profession and current position, together with the complete address, e-mail, phone and fax of the author that will review the article before publication.
For all articles, except reviews, abstract and key words must be submitted, both in English. The abstract has to include no more than 300 words. This will help readers have an idea about the main problems analyzed in the study and their implications, without reading the whole article.
The authors must synthesize clearly the content and the implications of their study, following the structure of various subchapters: background, aims, methods used, results obtained, discussions (also presenting the limits of the study), as well as implications on future research. This structure must be adapted, according to the particular characteristics of the study.
The Bibliographic notes must be made according to the MLA or Chicago systems. They must be complete. If necessary, other unpublished papers or personal studies can be quoted within the text of the article but they should not be included between the bibliographical titles at the end of the article.
Reviews Ekphrasis will publish reviews as well as lists of titles for books/papers that are relevant for the images, cinema, theatre, media field.
Text editing and formatting. All submitted files must have a title without diacritics, must be edited in Microsoft Word, around 7-15 A4 pages, with 2 cm margins, 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman fonts size 12, and each paragraph should start with an indent. When abbreviations are used, the abbreviated word must first appear entirely. Greek letters or other symbols that are less used must be pointed out at one side of the article. It is recommended to distinguish between small and capital letters, between the letter o and the number 0, between the number one (1) and the letter l, as well as between the letter k and the Greek symbol Kappa.

Before publication, a copy of the article will be sent to the author. This is meant in order to make any corrections of errors that could have occurred during editing. These copies must be returned by the author within 2 days after receiving them. The prompt return prevents publication delays until the next issue of the journal.